EMF / RF / ELF / Solar / Gauss тестери - Водещи марки на най-добри цени в eTop.bg

3-Axis Gaussmeter EMF ELF Magnetic Field Gauss Meter 2000mG T92 eTop
This EMF/ELF Tri-Axis Gauss Meter is a scientific instument for measuring electromagnetic fields (EMF) with extremely low frequency (ELF) of 30 ~ 2000 Hz. The reading in milliGauss (mG) and microTesla (µT) are switchable anyt..
EMF ELF Magnetic Field Gauss Meter 30~300Hz TAIWAN MADE M0198191 eTop
This EMF/ELF Meter (gauss Meter is use to measure the electromagnetic field of extremely low frequency (ELF) of 30Hz to 300Hz.The reading in milliGauss (mG) and microTesla (µT) are switchable anytime by simply press the butto..
Handheld Electromagnetic EMF Waves Level Sensor 15mA-90mA E04-013 eTop
This Electromagnetic EMF Sensor is an excellent tool for those curious about EMF Fields in their home or for an electrician's use. The tester is designed to measure the strength of electromagnetic waves near a device or in a positio..
Handheld EMF/RF (3-axis Gauss Meter) Field Strength Meter 50MHz to 3.50GHz M0198195 eTop
This broadband EMF/RF Field Strength Meter for monitoring high frequency radiation with 50MHz to 3.50GHz measuring range is designed to measure the electromagnetic field value of the Radio -Frequency. The It can do a non-dire..
Solar Power Meter BTU/(ft2*h) W/m2 Radiation Energy Cell Tester T206 eTop
Solar Power Meter is a device used to measure power per unit area of incident solar radiation reaching the meter's sensing area. It has high precision light sensor and provides accurate and fast measurement by just turning it on, making the best Easy..
Gauss EMF ELF Meter Detector Electromagnetic Field mG T91 eTop
Качествен професионален уред за измерване на статични и динамични магнитни полета Точни измервания до 2.5 % в диапазон от 200 / 2000mGauss (20 / 200μTesla) Ширина на честотната ELF лента: от 30Hz до 300Hz Едноосова сонда - вземане на проби 2..
Digital 3-AXIS EMF RF Radiation ElectroSmog Power Meter Tester T95 eTop
Изотропен триосов уред за измерване силата на радиочестотното магнитно поле С три канален сензор за измерване (X,Y,Z) Проектиран да показва нивото на генерирано изкуствено електромагнитно замърсяване при наличие на напрежение или ток с електри..