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Digital 2 Pin Wood Building Hard Material Moisture Meter E04-015 eTop
This portable instrument is used to measure the moisture level in sawn timber, paper, cardboard and hardened materials like mortar, concrete and plaster. It displays the moisture level directly with one touch easy operation. In addition, it can also ..
Digital Grain Seed Moisture Meter Rice Coffee Wheat Tester 50% LED Indicator 22 Species MC-7828GG eTop
Versatile instrument for measuring and diagnosing dampness on grains. Widely used for fast and accurate measurement of moisture and temperature in the process of allotment, acquisition, storage, machining of packed grains, feed stuff, powder. The ite..
2-in-1 Scanner & Pin Type Moisture Meter MC-7825PS eTop
Moisture meter launches its new version of moisture meter that incorporates a range of design refinements and advanced features to bring a TOP QUALITY MULTI-FUNCTION METER that detect moisture not just in WOODS but also in CONCRETE mat..
4-in-1 Soil Survey Instrument ( pH °F / °C moisture sunlight ) ZD-07
This is a 4-in-1 digital meter for soil moisture, pH and temperature and light tester well. It offers the 4 most vital information needed for growing conditions of all kinds of indoor and outdoor plants as well as garden virescence. It has a sensitiv..
4-type Grain Moisture & Temperature (Celsius & Fahrenheit) Meter MC-7821 eTop
This powerful, versatile and handy device is developed to determine the moisture content and temperature level of Corn, Wheat, Paddy and Rice. Capable to measure moisture from 8 to 20% and temperature from -10 to 55°C. Data gathered wi..
Digital 4-Pin Wood Moisture Meter (5%~40%) MD-814 eTop
This hip and trendy with dark gray & orange color combination is equipped with not just 2 but 4 steel sharp probes or pins and is one of the most versatile Moisture meter on the market today. This is definitely better than 2 pins becaus..
Digital Inductive Wood Moisture Meter No destruction MC-7812 eTop
This digital moisture meter has wide range of measuring range of 0~80% and adopts the electromagnetic induction technology to measure the percentage of water in woods quickly with no damage or destruction to the surface of wood. Just made a contact b..
Digital Moisture Meter & Thermometer, Wood Cotton Paper MC-7806 eTop
Moisture meter launches its new version of moisture meter that incorporates a range of design refinements and advanced features to bring a TOP QUALITY 2-in-1 METER that detect moisture & temperature. The meter's probe can accurately measure dampn..
Digital Moisture Meter for wide range of grains MC-7825G eTop
Introducing  our newline of Multi-Grain Moisture Meter that  determines the moisture content of whole, ground, milled  and even flour and soft wheat. It  has advanced features to bring a TOP QUALITY MULTI-..
Digital Wood Moisture Meter Pin Type Cotton Paper 80% LED Indicator Tester MC-7828PP eTop
This moisture meter is small in size, light in weight and easy to carry. Convenient to use and operate with complex and advance features. It enables building surveyors and other practitioners to measure moisture levels of building elements such as wa..
Long Electrode Soil pH & Moisture Meter ZD-06 eTop
This dual meter provides fast, simple and ACCURATELY CHECK the pH level (acidity and alkalinity) and the moisture level of the soil. The 295mm metal probe's length makes it possible penetrate deeper to measure even WAY B..
Waterproof 2in1 Dual Soil pH Level Moisture Meter ZD-05 eTop
Soil pH value is a very important factor for the quality of crops. Most of crops can not survive in too acidic or too alkaline soil. Get the right pH reading for your crop is extremely important. Thus, this meter is of great help and very convenient ..
Wood Moisture Meter Tester, 4 Pin, 5% - 40%, NEW DESIGN MD-N814 eTop
One of our a new line of moisture meter equipped with 4 steel sharp probes or pins. Provides more reliable, exact, precise and accurate data from this moisture meter. This moisture meter can detect the water composition of a wide range of materials s..