Инструменти за бижута - Водещи марки на най-добри цени в eTop.bg

Diamond Moissanite Tester Gemstone 2pt Jewel Stone Combo Gem Jewelry Test Tool DMT-3 eTop
Лесна операция, без нужда от регулиране на бар графа, посредством устройството за управление на звука, с цел да се постигне съответствие с размера на различните камъни, както е при други уреди Способен да разграничи камъни с миниатюрен размер – ..
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Diamond Tester with Ultraviolet (UV) Light JEM-II eTop
Този тестер за диаманти с ултравиолетова (UV) светлина не реагира върху фалшиви кристали или симулатори като цирконий, когато сондата докосне повърхността. Това е най-полезния инструмент за по-голямата част от бижутерите на дребно, брокерит..
$49,00 с ДДС
Handheld MOISSANITE TESTER Mounted Jewelry Loose Stone Tool Selector UV Lights JEM-III eTop
Този тестер е сигурен начин да разграничите между Мойсанит между Диамантите. Този тестер ще ви остави без съмнение по отношение на естеството на камъните ви. Той ефективно и бързо разграничава мойсанита от диаманта. С добавянето н..
$49,00 с ДДС
Mini 10X Jeweler Loupe Magnifier + LED & UV light, 21mm lens GM11 eTop
Бижутерска увеличителна лупа с троен 21 мм обектив – идеална за проверка на диаманти и скъпоценни камъни, поправка на часовници и др. Два вида осветление: Вградена лента от шест LED светлини, обгръщащи ръба на обектива; Една UV светлина, поставе..
$24,90 с ДДС
Mini Jeweler Loupe 20X Magnifier + LED & UV light 21mm lens GM21 eTop
Висококачествен триплетен оптичен обектив 21 мм Триплетната система на обектива включва Акроматична и Апланатна леща с цел увеличаване на зрителното поле и коригиране на цветови изкривявания 2 светлинни източника – вградена лента от 6 светодио..
$25,90 с ДДС
0.01 nD Scale Division Gem Refractometer w/ Built-in LED Light + RI Oil GR-701B eTop
The Gem Refractometer , commonly known as Gemstone Refractometer, is the primary and most powerful tool in identify and authenticate polished precious and semi-precious gemstones and observing the optical properties and the structure of gemstones. Th..
$98,90 с ДДС
30X Jeweler Loupe Magnifier + 6 LED light , 21mm lens GM30 30X eTop
This is a 30x lighted loupe with 21mm Triplet Optical Glass Lens have six bright white LED lights around the lens to illuminate the field of view & the stone being viewed and a slide switch to turn lights on and off. Its natural white light helps..
GM30 30X
$23,50 с ДДС
55mm Handheld Durable Small Diffraction Spectroscope CLMG-7206 eTop
A handheld spectroscope for visible light shows the absorption lines of the elements involved in producing its color. For instance, it helps to separate ruby (chrome) against red or pink sapphire (iron). Spectroscope breaks up the light that is being..
$36,90 с ДДС
80mm Length + 28mm diameter Handheld Polariscope with Flashlight CLMG-7202 eTop
The  polariscope is use to test cut or rough gemstones. Allows two polarising filters to observe the structure and optical properties of precious stones or minerals. It can also be used in identifying Moissanite and detecting strain in diamonds...
$32,90 с ДДС
Desktop LED light for Polariscope / Darkfield Loupe N-7202 eTop
This multi-use desktop LED light is ideal for a variety of purposes but is most suited to use with a polariscope or dark-field loupe. The light is composed of 5 white LED bulbs - this lamp is very bright. Lamp is powered by three AAA batteries w..
$23,18 с ДДС
1.30 ~ 1.81 RI Range Gemological Refractometer + Index oil Flashlight Polarizing Lens CL-181 eTop
Refractive  Index is one of the most important optical parameters  used to identify and authenticate polished precious  and semi-precious gemstones. This Gemological refractometer  is a low cost, lightweight measuring instrument u..
$89,90 с ДДС
10x 18mm Handheld Darkfield Loupe, with Flashlight CLMG-7201 eTop
A 10X, 18mm Loupe with darkfield. A small instrument that provides 10x magnification as in a standard loupe, with an important added feature: it is combined with a specially constructed area that enables you to view a gem against a black background w..
$32,90 с ДДС
10X Jeweler Loupe Magnifier + LED light, 18mm lens GM-1018 eTop
Does a poorly lighted or dark area hinder you from seeing the magnified part of an object? Worry no more!   A folding loupe offers high quality 10x, 18mm magnifier optical glass lens with built-in super bright LED light source activated by..
$14,90 с ДДС
140cm long Detachable Power Cable Desktop Polariscope Built-in LED GS-PS1 eTop
This desktop polariscope is very useful in identifying moissanite, detecting strain diamonds and other gems and separating synthetic amethyst from genuine. No replacing of fuse or changing of bulb is needed. It is the most efficient way is put it all..
$93,90 с ДДС
20X 21mm lens Jeweler Loupe Magnifier + 6 LED light, GM20 eTop
This is a 20x lighted loupe with 21mm Triplet Optical Glass Lens have six bright white LED lights around the lens to illuminate the field of view & the stone being viewed and a slide switch to turn lights on and off. Its natural white light helps..
$24,90 с ДДС
Top-of-the-line set, a good combination of Chelsea Filter, Dichroscope and Jeweler's 10x & 20x Loupe. Made carefully with professional craftsmen to insure quality, accuracy, durability, and comfortability. Below are the devices included in the pa..
Set C
$55,00 с ДДС
Foldable Chelsea Jadelite Filter for Gem, Emerald, Identification tools CLMG-7300 eTop
It is an essential device in identifying colored stones. While it was originally intended to rapidly differentiate between genuine Emeralds and the pastes and doublets which resemble them, it also is a valuable aid in identifying other colored stones..
$22,90 с ДДС
Foldable Ruby Filter Gem, identification tool for Emerald & Gemstones CLMG-7302 eTop
Ruby Filter is a filter that is extremely useful in differentiating red stones such as Ruby, Spinel, Tourmaline, and Garnets from others that might look similar in comparison. Using it is as simple as holding the filter close to your eye, look at the..
$22,90 с ДДС