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DT-156 CEM Paint Coating Thickness Meter Gauge F/NF 1250um DT-156
Model : DT-156 This compact & handy Professional Gauge is designed for non-destructive, fast and highly accurate/precise coating thickness measurement. The principal aplications lie in the field of corro..
Измервателно устройство за дебелината на боята на вашия автомобил GX-CT01
Специално проектиран дизайн за лесно пренасяне дори в джоб Работа, базирана на електро магнитната индукция и магнитния индуциран EDD ток Предназначен за измерване дебелината на неметални покрития (бои и лакове), нанесени върху метални повърхно..
CM-8825FN Digital Coating Thickness Meter, 0-1250um / 0-50mil + Built-in F & NF CM-8825FN
Model : CM-8825FN Coating thickness meter conquers the difficulties of non-destructive measuring of coating thickness on both magnetic and non-magneticbase that can be used on many applications even on applicationsthat require greater..
Digital Coating Thickness Meter 0-1000um/0-40mil + F & FN Probes CM-8822 eTop
The new Coating Thickness Meter for automotive and painting applications that require greater precision. A top quality meter that uses magnetic induction and eddy current principle to measure thickness of magnetic and non-magnetic..
Digital Hardness Durometer Meter Tester Plastic Shore D HT-6510D eTop
This pocket size digital testing equipment is fully equipped with an indenting foot of hardened steel rod with a 30° conical point and 0.1 mm radius tip and is capable of producing a value from 0 to 100, with higher values indicating a hard..
Digital Hardness Durometer Meter Tester Rubber Shore A HT-6510A eTop
A pocket size digital durometer with integrated or built-in probe. The resistance toward the indentation of materials that range from rubber, elastomers and other rubber like substances are measured quickly and effectively with this precisi..
Digital Hardness Durometer Tester Sponge Foam Shore C HT-6510C eTop
A digital durometer type C designed test a wide variety of foams and sponges.It has Integrated or Built-in Probe. The resistance toward the indentation of materials are measured quickly with this precision perfect tool. It measures the dept..
Paint Coating Thickness Gauge F/NF Probes Big LCD CM-8855FN eTop
This advance coating thickness meter with 0 to 1250μm (0 to 50 mil) wide measuring range for automotive and painting applications. Its a top quality rugged meter that uses magnetic induction & eddy current principle to measure..
Paint Coating Thickness Meter Gauge F Probe 1000μm CM-8821 eTop
Features: Has CE marking, conforms with the essential health and safety requirements set out by the European Directives Conforms to international standards and passed the standards of ISO2178 Suitable for the laboratory and f..
Paint Coating Thickness Meter Gauge with F & NF Probes CM-8826FN eTop
A coating thickness meter that conquers the difficulties of non-destructive measuring of coating thickness on both magnetic and non-magnetic base that can be used on many applications even on applications that require greater precision. It ..
Shore A Digital Hardness Meter Durometer 0~100HA, Rubber Tire 560-10A eTop
Shore A Digital hardness testers are used to measure the hardness of rubber and plastics according to ISO 868-1986 and ISO 7619 and can be use as portable or desktop. It has 8.1N total measure force, 1kg outside pressure, pressure needle top cone ang..
Shore D Digital Hardness Meter Durometer 0~100HD Tester 560-10D eTop
The hardness of Rubber and Plastics is their comprehensive performance reaction. The Digital Shore D Durometer is a kind of sophisticated measurement tool for measuring the hardness of Rubber and Plastics.   This Shore D Hardness..
Измервател за дебелината на лак, боя, на вашия автомобил E04-025
Компактен преносим уред за измерване плътността на слоя на авто бои, лакове и грундове Прецизно измерване Режим на измерване: Fe Автоматично калибриране Задържане на данни Обхват на измерване: 0.1~2.00 мм с точност ±0.1 Разполага с опц..